28 May 2009

Family is such a strange word to me. Recently, I had some family get in touch with me--family I have not seen in years. I didn't feel excited or happy. In fact, I didn't feel anything. I still don't. Honestly, why should I?

I have plenty of family who live in the exact same city as I do but if I were to bump into them right now I wouldn't recognize them. It's funny to me how we share so much but we know so little of those we should have intimate bonds with.

This disconnect seems to be the norm in my family on both sides, I guess, because no one I know of in my family has expressed any sadness about this fact. The really sad part is that, other than facebook and funerals, I don't see my extended family. What's even more interesting than that is that this is fine by me. Blood tends to be faker than water.

The family I know and have known for so long is one that has your back. They tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear. You may not always agree but you're getting an honest assessment on how they see things. This family includes my immediate family, my close friends, my fiance and some of his family, and people who share the same interests as me and who care about me as much as they care about the causes we share.

I wish I felt more when it comes to what a "family" is suppose to be, in the traditional sense, but I like the family I have just fine.

13 May 2009

I read a very fascinating story today on abcnews.com about a man suing a New Jersey school after being disciplined and removed from the school he attended because he says he's African-American? Before you get ready to page Al Sharpton and company hold on a second because there is a twist to this one--the man who made the claim is white. Yeah, I said it.

(For the whole story, check out this website:

Here's the gist of it: Paulo Serodio, 45, sued the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey after he claimed he was harassed and suspended for calling himself a white African-American in a cultural exercise in his class, according to ABC News. Serodio was born and raised in Mozambique and is now a naturalized American citizen.

Others who are white but are African citizens (that I know of anyway):
Charlize Theron
Chelsea Davy, Prince Harry's ex--yeah, I was interested. So what?!? :-)

There are plenty of white people who are citizens of African nations, remnants of colonization and missionaries come to mind. So, is it possible for a white person to be African-American? I think so. After all, he came straight from Africa. I have yet to step foot on African soil. In fact, my ancestors from Africa came to America via slavery hundreds of years ago. He's more African than I'll ever be, in that sense. Now I'm sure my features will tell you otherwise since I have brown skin, a wide nose and very dark brown eyes. I am also part Choctaw and Irish. You wouldn't be able to tell unless I told you and I bet you would still have a hard time believing that. I would be, in your mind, an African-American.

African-American is an interesting term. According to Webster's, an African-American is "an American of African and especially black African descent". When you fill out a job application in the United States, the definition is "any person identifying with the black racial groups of Africa". Conversely, a white person, according to the many job applications I have filled out as of late, is anyone who "is of European, Middle Eastern or NORTH AFRICAN descent"! I know Mozambique is in southeastern Africa, by the way. Nevertheless, could it be possible that this man is a Mozambique native of European descent who is African-American by default?

How about this? Perhaps the whole concept of race is relative. I'm a little bit of everything as are the vast majority of "African-Americans" in the United States. Enough of the labels--I am an American but, more importantly, I am human just like you. We are one race--the human race--and we mustn't ever forget that.

06 May 2009

Throughout the week I have noticed that the theme has been forgiveness. I was contacted by two women that were once my friends. One messaged me on facebook apologizing for her part in the nonsense of 2008. Another one just texted me out of the blue asking how I was.

While I try my best not to harbor grudges towards anyone I find myself somewhat skeptical towards the correspondences. Maybe it is best not to make more of it than what it is. I should just exercise caution when it comes to any other dealing with them. I will be cordial and such but as far as hanging out and things like that...nah. I forgave the one who texted me once before and tried to have everything go back to normal only to watch things go even crazier than before. Learning from the first time I thought it would be best to cut ties before things went really bad.

I can't ask others to forgive me if I won't forgive anyone. Something to think about...